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Flower Box Maintenance Issues

There are several kinds of materials that need to be made for a flower box: a box, Flower Box a flower mud, a scissors, and then a variety of flowers. You have to prepare a nice box, Flower Box and then go to the flower market to buy some flowers mud, after the water on the box, Flower Box and then you can choose your own flowers in the flower inserted. Baidu or Taobao search "flower flower shop", their flower box varieties

We often talk about the issue of immortal flowers maintenance, Flower Box recently a friend asked me about the conservation and maintenance of flower box, Flower Box it is no wonder that friends who send flowers box often ask about the care of flowers, how to make flowers more fresh long?

If the flower box with flowers stems can be removed flowers placed in the vase, Flower Box and according to the following five steps for care

1, the flowers on a mild environment: If the flowers on the high temperature environment, Flower Box will promote the flowers open, speed up withered. When the water temperature rises, Flower Box it will speed up the deterioration of water. In a cool environment, do not blow air conditioning is not directly sunny environment easy to long-term insurance, while the flower box net in the flower box will be shipped with preservative, Flower Box can be injected into the water every day.

2, the daily change of water: the water is easy to reproduce micro-organisms, especially the stems of the incision site, which is leading to the reasons for the withering of flowers. Even if there is no time to care for flowers, but also as much as possible every day to the flowers for water, Flower Box pro, this to remember Oh

3, clean flower stems: long staple flower soak in the water prone to mucus. Placed aside, Flower Box then easy to speed up withered, so the need to change the water at the same time need to clean the stems.

4, cut flowers stems: leaves of the incision site is easy to breed microorganisms, Flower Box if possible, every day in the water cut, cut 1 ~ 2CM or so.

5, cleaning vase: sticks on the stems easily attached to the vase wall. Especially the bottom of the vase, so the same time in the water should also clean the vase.

What if the flowers begin to wither? Should remove the petals of the oz, Flower Box if the flowers dying too much from the root removal. For example, Flower Box the petal petals are small to each other. If a leaf withered, Flower Box after the pull will affect the whole effect. At this time you can use scissors gently cut from the roots of withered petals.