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Folding Box Advantages And Disadvantages

Folding cartons are made of paper with a thickness of 0.3-1.1mm or a small-sized cardboard, and can be transported or stored in a flat sheet before stacking. , Less than 0.3mm cardboard manufacturing folding tray difficult to meet the stiffness requirements, and greater than 1.1mm cardboard in the general folding carton processing equipment is difficult to obtain satisfactory indentation.

The advantages of folding cartons

1. Low cost, good strength, with good display effect, suitable for large, middle finger production;

2. Compared with the paste cartons and plastic boxes, take up small space, transportation, warehousing and other low cost of circulation;

3. In the mechanical production of high efficiency, you can achieve automatic box, filling, folding, sealing, container, stacking, etc .;

4. Structure changes, can be inside the box wall, shaking extension, curve indentation, window, POP advertising board, exhibition Taiwan and other innovative processing.

2. Disadvantages of folding cartons

1. The strength of more than paste the carton and plastic to take a variety of rigid window, etc., can only be packaged 1-2.5kg light of the contents of goods, box size is generally within 200-30m.

2. Appearance texture is not noble enough, should not be expensive gift packaging.