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Folding Box Good Display Effect

Folding cartons are made of paper with a thickness of 0.3-1.1mm or a small-sized cardboard, Folding Box and can be transported or stored in a flat sheet before stacking. Folding Box Less than 0.3mm cardboard manufacturing folding tray difficult to meet the stiffness requirements, Folding Box and greater than 1.1mm cardboard in the general folding carton processing equipment is difficult to obtain satisfactory indentation.

1. Low cost, good strength, with good display effect, Folding Box suitable for large, middle finger production;

2. Compared with the paste cartons and plastic boxes, Folding Box take up small space, transportation, warehousing and other low cost of circulation;

3. In the mechanical production of high efficiency, you can achieve automatic box, Folding Box filling, folding, sealing, container, stacking, etc .;

4. Structure changes, can be inside the box wall, shaking extension, curve indentation, window, POP advertising board, exhibition Taiwan and other innovative processing.

1. The strength of more than paste the carton and plastic to take a variety of rigid window, etc., can only be packaged 1-2.5kg light of the contents of goods, Folding Box box size is generally within 200-30m.

2. Appearance texture is not noble enough, Folding Box should not be expensive gift packaging.

Easy to store and transport. Folding Box The carton is folded before use, greatly reducing the space occupied by storage and transportation.

Fixed cartons, also known as hard board, thick plate carton or paper box. Folding Box Shape has been fixed, can not be folded by the box and the lid of two parts, the use of flat nails or paper way to combine, made by the box factory can be used. Fixed paper box than the folding carton high strength, the box is usually posted outside the corrugated paper, cloth, silk, artificial leather, etc., as to what kind of paper used in the material, Folding Box depending on the contents of the goods may be. Refined fixed carton can add a lot of glory to the packaging, will give consumers the desire to buy goods. However, fixed cartons can not be folded because of the need to increase freight and storage costs, Folding Box and most of the need to be handmade, so the production is less.

The shape of the carton is divided into cubes, cuboids, Folding Box cylinders, polyhedrons, etc., according to the different forms of folding is divided into medium-sized folding box, sticky bottom folding box, single folding box and folding box. Generally divided into nine different structures, that is, Folding Box shaking, portable, buckle-style, drawer, and thus evolved from the display, liquid, modular, window and all kinds of cartons.

The box is the folded carton that is attached to the box. The design of the lid is: no side of the flat folding cover, with two side of the cover with a folding cover, Folding Box a few folding folding folding cover. Most of it is only a piece of cardboard forming, more style, roughly divided into three-dimensional lid box, flat body lid box, box cover box, polygonal shaking box, septum shaking box.

1, three-dimensional shaking box, also known as high-type lid box. The box is made using whiteboard, both up and down are bonded. Box side of the general bonding seal, Folding Box can hold the toothpaste, soap and other items. This box has a simple structure and has adequate protection.

2, flat body shaking box. This kind of box is similar to the three-dimensional lid box, but the opening was flat body shape, can hold food, stationery and so on.

3, cube lid box. The box is widely used, generally said that the square box can be more loaded goods, but also save the material, more suitable for packing when the arrangement. Folding Box Cube shaking box and according to the different ways of shaking, sealing method and more use of jack, lock mouth, bonding, insert, free folding and so on.

4, the edge of the body to shake the box. Folding Box The structure of the body box is full of changes, generally by the trapezoidal, triangular, hexagonal, octagonal, prism and other components, showing a geometric shape of the box. It gives the feeling of lively and beautiful, Folding Box generally used for packaging candy, snacks, etc., as a gift packaging more special significance.

5, the body cover box. It is the partition is included in a sub-cardboard, the box and the partition to form a whole. As a whole can increase the strength of the box, Folding Box than after the partition to improve the box of the compressive strength, its strength and pressure are higher than the ordinary box. In addition, the box with a partition, you can fix the contents of the object, so that it does not shake, Folding Box do not collision, electricity to protect the role of goods.