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Folding Box Main Technology

Folding box is a very widely used green packaging containers, not only widely used in drugs, food, cigarettes and handicrafts packaging, but also for soft drinks, cleaning supplies, cultural and educational supplies, hardware products.

Packaging folding box with low processing costs, storage and transportation for a variety of printing methods, and folding cartons for automatic packaging, easy to sell and display, with good recycling, and conducive to environmental protection and so on.

With the people's awareness of environmental protection to further enhance. Folding cartons are widely used in fruit juice, milk, cooked food, snacks, medicines and cosmetics products such as packaging. Coupled with its stacking can be stacked before the stacking transport and storage greatly reduces the storage and transportation costs. In recent years has made rapid progress. As the folding box with low processing costs, easy storage and transportation, suitable for a variety of printing methods, easy to sell and display, for automated packaging, recycling is good, is conducive to environmental protection and other characteristics, as people's living standards continue to improve, The demand for boxes will continue to increase, but also the quality of the production of cartons also put forward higher requirements.

Folding Box Processing Technology and Its Development

At present, folding carton printing of new technologies, new equipment, new technology continues to emerge, technological innovation constantly two-color printing press, is to high-quality, multi-color direction, from the simulation of mechanical operations to digital automation operations, from independent processing to Connection processing development. Its technical features are digital simulation design for product applications, digital color management and printing process platform applications, integrated product production and ERP and DAM production management. The main technology and its development are summarized as follows:

Box design and three - dimensional digital simulation

Folding box printing production in the CIP3 / CIP4 digital technology under the framework of print, has the box design and three-dimensional digital simulation into its product production system. In the box design and three-dimensional digital simulation, the designer application of professional software, according to the user's final needs and printing production process will fold the production of folding carton functional structure and its molding design and surface finishing method design two links. The screen printing network, functional structure and molding design is to achieve the folding tray to protect the needs of packaged products, as well as to determine the die-cutting and paste box method carried out (given a variety of processes to meet the requirements of the number Control lines, such as die cutting lines, tear lines, polylines, etc.). The design of the surface finishing method will be based on the box-type digital control lines to design landscaping and display products, as well as a variety of decorative process lithography, graphics and molding to match. When the two links are completed, according to the two types of data obtained, the use of three-dimensional digital simulation technology to simulate the actual effect of folding cartons and folding methods can also be used in the actual use of materials using digital proofing technology to produce samples

Digital integration of prepress production technology

Folding box prepress production technology can be summarized as: the content of the expression of digital, expression of color, functional structure of personalized. Which requires the folding carton with digital integrated pre-press production technology, in the analysis of folding carton product graphic data, forming control data and equipment based on the work of the basis of optimization of graphic processing and layout methods printed every day, so that the description of the page content Data, a variety of process and management of control data and forming processing data can be smooth to pass and transform, to achieve the content description data, printing control data and forming processing data integration.

Postpress processing connection and automatic waste discharge

In the folding carton after printing in the printed body, the use of wire production and automatic waste is to improve product quality and production efficiency of the technology development trend. Among them, the folding carton after the processing of the connection line production mainly connected surface finishing, such as hot stamping, polishing, local UV polishing and other flexible printing, the most representative of the Roland 700 configuration of the cold stamping device The The automatic waste is mainly based on the quality of the product printing automatic waste and based on the positioning error of the two kinds of automatic waste. Quality-based automatic waste removal refers to the use of density detection or color detection to compare the quality of proofs and standards deviation, the use of double-way rejection of waste, such as Roland 700 connection detection device. Based on the positioning error of automatic waste discharge is in the die-cutting, hot stamping and other folding carton printing processing Jiaxing printing, according to proofs and standard position error, the use of double-way rejection of waste, such as Bob automatic die-cutting machine Of the waste disposal device.

Quality control and production management

The digitization of the folding box printing quality control is based on the systematic inversion of the printing production system based on the printing paper, that is, from the printing inversion to the design data, and then the use of closed-circuit digital image acquisition and processing technology based on the control system Image quality for real-time monitoring, adjustment and control, such as Manroland PECOM, Heidelberg CPC32. Digital connection printing quality inspection and control system using high-definition, high-resolution high-speed camera lens image gravure printing to standard proof data as a standard, real-time comparison of the detection of images and standard proofs of the difference can accurately find the printing process In the size of 0.10mm stains, ink points, color and other defects carton printing press, completely eliminate human error.