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Folding Box There Is Aesthetics

In the disc-folding carton on the basis of the curve to extend the design, Folding Box after forming the carton for multi-layer parcels, increased pressure, the product greatly enhance the protection, although still a square hexahedral structure, but after the effect of prominent, Folding Box So that consumers in a variety of goods quickly identified out.

Triangle carton curve window design, Folding Box which formed after the die-cutting window for a heart-shaped, with a display and display, not only to facilitate consumer understanding of the product, the formation of the image is also aesthetically pleasing, easy to identify. This design can be a variety of graphic transformation, such as animal modeling, cartoon pattern modeling.

Tray around the use of curved window design, Folding Box after forming the carton with a stronger display and display, more convenient for consumers to understand the product.

Folding carton with curved and arch design, the formation of different graphic shapes, Folding Box the use of different decorative design to form a different practical effect, according to different consumer groups for different designs, with a strong display and display.

Packaging carton curved design is located in the box display surface, sealing using slash design, the overall box was trapezoidal shape, unique and innovative style, Folding Box suitable for use as a snack category snack food box.

The box-shaped overall shape was triangular structure, both sides inward depression, the formation of concave side box type, the overall shape of new and unique, Folding Box open package convenient, suitable for use as a casual snack food packaging cartons.

The six prism carton shape is unique in the box at the use of a curve design, so that the box at the formation of circular arc, modeling novel and innovative, Folding Box suitable for snack class snack food packaging.

The box is simple and generous shape, the use of materials than the province, easy to fold shape, but also flat flat storage. The cover is also applied to the arch design, suitable for lightweight snack food.

Disc-type box is basically similar, belong to the combination of paper bag and carton type, the flat box upright up the upper part of the surface, the lower part of the straight line folded, Folding Box the upper part of the left and right folding part of the overlap With the role of spring, forming a seal, for chocolate, candy and other snack food packaging.

Carton shape chic, Folding Box resembles the rabbit shape, packaging and visual form are well together, lively and lovely shape for children's food packaging or pastry packaging.